‘Let’s add ‘Strictly’

Update on previous post……

Since writing my poem entitled ‘Spell check does not recognise Brexit,’ it seems that the people at the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) have decided to add the word.

It defines Brexit as ‘the (proposed) withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, and the political process associated with it.’

As the nice people at the OED select words based on their widespread use, perhaps I can make another suggestion? During the autumn in the UK, it is almost impossible to read any news site or indeed talk to any other fellow human without hearing the word, ‘Strictly.’

The current definition of ‘Strictly’ is as follows….

  1. in a strict manner; rigorously; stringently: strictly enforced.
  2. precisely or candidly; factually: strictly speaking.
Can I suggest a third meaning?
3. British television programme featuring a ballroom and Latin dance competition, employing the use of copious amounts of sequins and fake tan.
p.s. ‘Brexit’ still isn’t recognised by spell check.

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