Chapter 1 – Your doppelgänger

If you met yourself in a parallel world, would you like yourself?  Would you trust yourself?

Meeting your identical counterpart in other dimension would surely be the ultimate evaluation.  An extreme appraisal of  your highlights, but also all your worst characteristics.

Just imagine seeing and hearing yourself as others do. From the outside, would you like the way they looked – too fat or thin,  odd clothes, the wrong hair?  When they spoke, would you think them dull or opinionated? Would they say judgemental, ridiculous things or have irritating habits? Would they listen or care about you? In the first five minutes of meeting them, would you want to be their friend?

It’s a scary idea to step outside and really look at yourself isn’t it?

When I am writing, I am cruel. I do this to most of my characters. I force them to meet their doppelgängers.  Some of them become friends, whereas others are immediately suspicious because they know what really goes on behind the eyes and in the thoughts of their counterparts.

Yesterday, I visited Batemans, the home of the internationally famous writer Rudyard Kipling in Sussex, England, who died in 1936. As I looked at the photographs and memorabilia in his house, I saw a man who had achieved so much in one lifetime. I wonder if he thought the same about himself?

We can’t compare ourselves to others because we all have our own individual talents and limitations, but how proud would we be of our doppelgängers?







Last night I dreamed of cake.

I have never dreamed about cake before, so clearly this has to be a good omen. I mean what’s not good about cake?

Believe me, when you are at a crossroads trying to succeed at something new, dreams about cake easily become secret messages from your sleeping brain telling you that victory is just around the corner. Why is everything around the corner?

To begin my journey into the world of blog, I must explain that this came about because of a genius conversation with my brother. He is a wannabe rock star and I am a wannabe published author. I have written my first book and he has finished his first album as the front man in a London band. We have so much drive and enthusiasm that it is easy to convince each other that we are constantly on the brink of something amazing. To chart our steady climb to unleash our creative potential we agreed to write blogs. He will encourage me to write and vice versa.

So, if you are vaguely interested in what it’s like to write a book and try to get published, or have an insider view of an up-and-coming new band, then look no further. Join us on our travels right here …..and here